Breaking The Fast


I broke my fast this morning with a salad (dandelion greens, spinach, celery, beet, carrot, avocado and almonds dressed with 1/2 a lemon and lime with a half pinch of sea salt and some thyme and cilantro).  I could only eat half the salad.  I still feel hungry but my body just didn’t want anymore.  It’s the weirdest feeling, but I am going to listen to it and I put the salad back in the fridge.  Dandelion greens are so bitter!  I’m going to cut up an apple and toss it in when I go to finish the salad.  I started the day out with a glass of hot lemon water like on the fast and I think I’m going to keep that up.  I feel pretty thirsty and I’ve made myself a huge mug of herbal tea.  So far the salad is sitting in my stomach without any problems.  I’m going to make myself a smoothie for the afternoon and drink two more juices.  I did the salad on cronometer and my iron level is already 312%.  I thawed out a beet juice for one of my afternoon drinks.  I can’t even imagine how many nutrients had been flooded into my body over the fast, but I still just didn’t feel amazing, only worn out.  I do plan on staying with a healthier diet and hope to see the weight loss continue.   I lost exactly 7.9lbs on the 5 day fast, but I would say 3 of those lbs were because I started the fast on my period.  All in all pretty good and I’m going to try super hard to keep it off and drop a few more.

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Day 5 of the Juice Fast and Ending It 5 Days Early


I made it to the end of day 5 of a 10 day juice fast and I’m going to be putting an end to it at breakfast tomorrow.  I made it through Day 4 okay.  I felt worn out in the early afternoon, but perked up a little bit in the evening in time for my exercise class.  I definitely wasn’t able to give it my all.  My butt is still pretty sore today so I did get something out of it.  Today was the killer.  Lunch time rolled around and I’ve just had enough.  I felt so worn out and I really can’t take this odd powdery feeling that is coating my teeth.  It just wont brush off and it’s driving me insane.  I am not getting this magical energy load everyone else seems to be getting.  I’ve definitely not gotten as many hunger pains today, but I’m just not getting any energy.  I still feel like I’m walking through water whenever I need to do the slightest exertion.  Even somewhere I would typically walk to seemed such a far way today.  I’ve also been really bloated around the middle and I never did get this glowing skin everyone keeps mentioning.  My skin has been exactly the same as before I started and I’m at the end of day 5.  Maybe this fast thing works amazing for other people, but I can’t see myself doing it again.   I’m hoping for some weight loss, but I am restraining myself from getting on a scale until tomorrow.  I don’t think it’s a total fail as I do have plans of sticking with a lower fat, more vegetable dense diet.  I do plan on continuing to juice every day as well.

At the grocery store tonight I picked up these beautiful greens.  The one on the right is dandelion leaves!!!  I have always meant to collect some myself, but it was one of those things I never got around too.  Now I finally get the chance to try them.  And no I am not turning them into wine.  Although, I do plan on making dandelion wine one of these days…  That might be the heads though…  I have no idea what to make with them.  Possibly a salad.  I would love some ideas if you have them!

Anyway, I am feeling a bit unhappy with myself for not making it to my 10 day goal on the juice fast, but I’m just not feeling very well.  I plan on making myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with some nut butter tomorrow, a smoothie for lunch and some juice for dinner.  I hope you had better experiences with a juice fast then I did.

Stay well,


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Jack Frost And Day 3 Of A 10 Day Juice Fast


Sometimes Winter can show you the most magical, beautiful things.  This morning was one of those days that are a gift from mother nature.   Frost had formed over everything last night, the sun was shining and it was a clear and beautiful day.  The sun was shining on the frost crystals making them sparkly, snowy diamonds.  This was my walk this morning:

DSC01088 DSC01098 DSC01101 DSC01102 DSC01091 DSC01092

That definitely helped perk me up as this morning was a rough one.  I was very headachy and my energy levels were very low.  Things improved a lot this afternoon, I even got some laundry done.  The dog walk seemed to have taken the rest of my new found energy and I’m wiped out again.  I have dishes to wash and I just don’t feel at all like doing them.  I have that exercise class tomorrow and still a bit worried about it.  I am even a little tempted to not go, but it might go better then I think it will.


Today, I found out that you can drink juice pulp broth with some sea salt in it and that made me super happy!  I make almost all of my own food and forget to use salt a lot, so sometimes my sodium levels can drop too low and I was worried about that.  So, I made myself some broth and plan to drink some every day.  I don’t know if this is super cheating, but I put a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast in there to help with the B12 as well.  I don’t know if B12 dies a horrible death being heated or not… Hopefully not as I’m sure this broth will help me get through the next 7 days!  I just used the vegetable pulp from all the juices I made.  Any ideas what to do with fruit pulp?


Stay well, stay warm, folks!


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Day 2 Of A 10 Day Juice Fast


I’m on day 2 of a liquids only juice fast.  I am following one of the free plans from the Rebooting With Joe website:  The exact one I’m doing is here:, but I am not doing the first pre-fast part of it, just the day 6-15 10 day juice fast.  I am using a mix of the recipes at the fast link and from Fullyrawkristina on you tube.  So far they have all tasted really well, but I had to cut the amount of ginger on Joe’s website for some of the recipes.  Some of them were way too strong for me!

Day one went amazing.  I was hungry, but it wasn’t too bad and I was tired fast at the end of the day.  Tonight it is 7:16pm and I am ready for bed.  I’m pretty tired.  I think I’m going to have a bath and hit the hay.  I was on the cranky side today too.  I have heard day 3 is the worst and then it’s all better from there.  Looks like I just have to make it through tomorrow and the hard part is over. I had the odd mild headache today (I rarely get a headache) and feel really worn out.  As for being hungry, yes I am, but it hasn’t been insane and unbearable.  Usually a hot glass of herbal tea can get me through until the next allotment of juice.  I’ve been getting cravings for certain foods as well.  In particular celery.  I am dying to just chomp up pieces of celery!  Day one I kept craving medjool dates.  Ooey gooey delicious medjool dates!

My day’s juice supply for tomorrow is the picture above.  They are 500mL sized mason jars and the fast recommends 4-6 of that size a day and I decided to go with four.  I love my juicer and I will have to take a pic and review it with you as well, but I just don’t have the energy to do that tonight.

I jut finished my latest library book “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut and am on the hunt for my next one.  I think that is the plan for tonight, bathtub reading and bed.

Bottoms up!


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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats_en_CA for 1/12/2015: 10,167 steps and 4.6 miles traveled.

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats_en_CA for 1/11/2015: 12,304 steps and 5.6 miles traveled.

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Inspector Gadget, The Trouble With Left Handers, And Juice Hoarding


I feel a little bit like that cartoon character Inspector Gadget that I used to watch as a youngster.  Here is the arm of yours truly decked out in a Fitbit Charge and the Garmin Forerunner 10.  As you may have read in a previous post of mine I am fond of the Fitbit.  If I had to buy another one again I would have just gone with the cheaper Flex model.  I almost did have to buy another one!  I thought I had lost it as it had come off my wrist.  When I went to put my coat back on to go out and look for it , there it was in my coat sleeve.  Well thank freaking goodness!  I didn’t want to buy another one.  The Flex would have done what I wanted it to, the Charge does stairs, but meh.  I don’t really care how many stairs I climb.  Plus, it doesn’t seem accurate at all on that one.  I think sometimes it counts me walking up hills as stair climbing as it always says I walked up way more stairs then I actually did.

I love love love my Forerunner!  It does exactly what I want it to.  It tells me how far I jogged, how fast and how long it took me.  The only other feature that would have interested me, but not enough to have paid for a more expensive model would have been the heart rate monitor feature.  That would have been pretty great, but I am happy enough with what this one tells me.  You can even set it to automatically stop tracking when you are stuck at a stop light.  I LOVE that!  It has a run/walk setting too I think.  It does more then I am telling you about, I think, but I don’t recall them off hand.  Here is my first attempt at jogging again in the New Year after slacking off so bad.  I did okay, but I know I can do better.

screenshot of jog

So I joined an exercise class at my local community centre and I LOVE it!  It is an hour long aerobics/strength training class.  Two days later and my abs hurt when I cough.  My butt is still a little sore too.  I’m sore in all the right places and I love it.  I’m a little nervous as she said she was taking it easier on us for the first class, yet I found it pretty rough.  But I loved it and looking forward to the next one, just a little scared though lol.


I am also preparing for my juice fast that starts on Monday.  It might not look like much from the above photo, but there is a lot of juice in that freezer.  I have about 25 500mL mason jars that will cover 5 out of the 10 days of the fast.  All of my green juices have been Fullyrawkristina’s secret soulshine juice and the rest have come from the Joe Cross Reboot site.  I am really hoping I do well on it.  I want to last the whole 10 days.  I am sure I will be going out to one of the local restaurants after tobogganing tomorrow and I’m hoping I save enough room for dessert lol. One last feast!


One of the things I love to do is write letters.  I love pretty paper and flashy pens.  Any of my fellow left handers can relate to the photo pictured above.  Metallic and slow drying pens are a nightmare for us.  Yet, they are so pretty  and I can’t help myself!  If you are one of the wonderful people I exchange letters with and they happen to look a little blurry or smeary, this would be the reason.  Didn’t they used to think left handers were witches back in the day?  Would I ever love to be able to fly on a broom.  I used to fantasize about that as a kid lol.  Have I mentioned that to you before in a previous post?  I do love wearing black…  I’d make an awesome witch.

Stay well!


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When Juicing Goes Wrong, But Then Right Again… And Tanuki’s New Bed

I hope you all had a marvelous holiday and/or celebration of whatever it is you celebrate.  I myself, had a wonderful time with friends and family.  I also managed to gain a lovely total of 10lbs in the last two to three months… awesome.  This happens every year and it’s now that fun time to take it off again with newly made New Year’s Resolutions and a positive attitude.

For those resolutions I will have some help from some newly acquired gadgets including a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS runner’s watch, a Fitbit Charge and a high quality juicer (awesome!!!).  Maybe I should share my resolutions with you…  Here they are in no particular order:

  • No more over the top shopping sprees (no more Ebay!!!)
  • Aim towards a zero waste lifestyle
  • Get in shape
  • Wear a trashy bikini at least one time this Summer (this coincides with the previous resolution)
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Another round of decluttering
  • Write more often
  • Finish all unfinished projects

A friend and I are going on a juice fast in a couple weeks and that should help a lot.  Although, I am quite nervous about it as I have never fasted in my life and get hungry every four hours.  I’m really not sure I’m going to be able to do it.  I am going to try to make a full week.  I’ve heard you feel like crap for about 4 days and then day 5 you start to feel amazing.  Has anyone ever done one?  Your thoughts?

My juicer is amazing and I’m already playing around with it.  I have tried a few recipes from Fully Raw Kristina at: and I loved her raw sangria and I have had her soul shine juice in the past and liked that a lot too.  I am probably making the soul shine juice on my fast..  Anyway, I tried her version of raw V8 juice and I really didn’t like it.  That was probably more to do with me than with her recipe.  I usually like her recipes.  So, there I was with a pitcher of juice that I just could not bring myself to drink.  Organic produce costs a fortune and I didn’t want to dump it so I had a brilliant idea…. Use it as soup stock!!!!


And it made an amazing soup!  I cooked some barley and lentils, then threw in an onion (I didn’t bother frying it), vegetable soup stock, leftover Christmas vegetables, some kale, beets, celery, parsley and the juice.  It turned out really well!  If you ever make an all veggie juice and don’t like it, just throw it in soup.  It’s amazing!  And so much better than dumping it.  That stuff is expensive!!!  Anybody have any great ideas on what to do with juice pulp?

I absolutely love my juicer and will have to do a post about it one day soon.  It makes the most decadent coconut milk!  No more coconut milk in a can, which seemed to be the only option here in Kitchener.  I don’t think that coconut milk in the cartons that substitute dairy milk is quite the same thing.  It definitely doesn’t taste the same anyway.  I should save my coconut shells and sand them down into bowls or something…

I finally finished one of my crafty projects which was a pet bed for my doggy.

DSC01071 DSC01070

I picked up a crib sized piece of foam at Len’s Mill for around $25 I think and I bought the fabric which was in the clearance bin for around $2. a yard!  It’s kind of a bizarre fabric, cow skull.  My dog is a disaster and makes everything dirty, so this stuff seems pretty tough and the dark colour should hide how grubby she’s going to get it (which takes approximately 5 minutes).  Ten minutes after I took the above photos…


my silly dog is laying on the floor.  I have no doubt she’ll make her way back on it though lol.  Maybe she’s getting a comparison.

As soon as I actually get my butt back out jogging again I will tell you how I liked the GPS watch.  I do like the Fitbit as well and am particularly fond of the track your sleep feature.  I always seem to wake up around 3:00am and this is catching it.  A friend of mine found out she still sleep walks occasionally by wearing the Fitbit!  There is something so unsettling to me about sleep walking.  I have never done it and so glad I don’t.  That would give my the heebie geebies!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and are in store for an amazing year.

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Snottins and House Plants

To all my fellow Winter and cold weather joggers, you know you have a pair… snottins.  What are snottins?  Your mittens (or gloves) that also work as your nasal tissue… Yes you do so use your gloves/mittens as tissue.  YOU DO TOO!  It’s gross, but you do it anyway.  I know I do.  That one extra pair of mittens that you reserve especially for that purpose.  The pair you warn your friends never to borrow, or even touch for that matter.  It takes too much precious energy to start digging around in your pockets or sports bras to fish out a tissue, blow your nose and put it away.  And you know you just have to do that again about 20 or 30 feet further on, and it burns up extra energy, so you use your mittens.  You do.  Yes, you do.



I started sprouting an avocado seed in October and I finally got around to planting it today (in December, oops).  It’s super easy to do.


All you have to do is immerse the seed halfway in water.  I used some wooden skewers I got at Sobeys a long time ago (toothpicks are great if you need ideas) and rested it in a mason jar.  Just add water if it starts to get too low and wait until you get a root (which will take awhile.  I think a month?).

DSC01049 DSC01048

Okay, but don’t wait this long!  Just wait until it starts to show a root and sprout.  This thing has lived through serious neglect with me forgetting all about it and procrastinating.  Now it’s rather freakish looking.  I wonder if it will survive…


I p0tted him up with soil and some black gold from my worm composting bin and put him in the window sill.  Wish him luck.  He needs it.  I am a horrible plant mother…  Geeze, I don’t even know if I remembered to water it…  Okay, yes I did. Soil is dame.  We’re good to go!

DSC01051 DSC01053

It appears to be a green thumb sort of day as I also planted my Amaryllis kit.  I kind of wish I had gotten a pure red or pure white one, but they are all beautiful.  I got it for $14.99 at Sobeys and it couldn’t have been easier to do.  It had a pretty silver pot, dirt (or peat moss?  Don’t ask me) and the bulb.

DSC01055 DSC01056

All I had to do was a dd 2 1/2 cups of warm water to the pot with the disc and wait until it finished expanding and then put the bulb in.


Was I supposed to shove it in deeper?  I have a black thumb…  I don’t know these things.  Did I screw up?  Anyway my friends, have a good evening and stay warm.


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I should Be In Bed Right Now… But….


But I’m busy blogging!  So I revisited my Forks Over Knives cookbook and tried a new recipe…  It was a spinach, cauliflower and sweet potato lasagna.  It was pretty good too!  I am also going to be using the cauliflower cream sauce as my standard pasta sauce for things like alfredo.  It would be super good with mushrooms!  It was really low cal and packed with nutrients!  Two heads of cauliflower and almost 5 of the smaller sized clam shells of spinach.  It was pretty darn good!  I would make it again.


I seem to be on a pasta kick as this was tonight’s dinner: a monster bowl of pasta and wine (of course).  I grabbed a box of pre-made 100% spelt pasta that I like and used a recipe from my Rawlicious cookbook that I recently bought.  It was for raw pesto and I added mushrooms, onion and cherry tomatoes.  It was pretty good and I gorged on it.   A raw foodist would normally use spirilized zucchini, but I’m only trying to eat MORE raw, so bottoms up!


It was also pig out day for the fur child as well.  When I was picking up some dog food for her I saw this cute treat at Pet Valu.  It was the Dogcandy Peanut Butter Puppy Sucker for $3.99.  The stem was some sort of edible thing too.  The fabric it’s sitting on is going to be used to make a new doggy bed.  I will more then likely be blogging that as well.  If watching my dog eat a treat seems like something you just can’t live without seeing, you can watch the video of her inhaling it here: 

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