Golfing in Tavistock

I went golfing in Tavistock yesterday and although it was loads of fun, I may need to do some work on my swing!  Here is a quick video 

If you want to visit my new blog check out

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Rainy Weekend and Garden Thieves!


I hope you had a good weekend, despite the cold, wet weather!  I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend.  I mostly hung around with the pupster and went for a bike ride.  I finally got around to fertilizing the garden last weekend and it made a HUGE difference.  The plants have mostly tripled in size!  I went there Friday after work and found some jerk had swiped a bunch of my vegetables.  I was warned this would happen, but seriously!  Who frigging does that!?!?  What a low life sack of ass!  I only had two kohlrabi plants and they swiped one of them so I picked the last one a little early so I would be able to have it.  It was pretty good (as good as kohlrabi gets anyway lol).  I’ve been eating the green onions and they were yummy.  I hope they leave the rest of it alone!  GRRR!  I want to send assassins!

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Bathtub Blogs


I am writing to you from the bathtub. Is this abnormal? I have an excuse, I am two glasses down on a bottle of my red wine,and my wine packs a punch.I am kind of thirsty though… I spilled too much Epsom salts into the bath and my eyeballs are burning. Do Epsom salts actually do anything for you? I have no idea. I just add them because I heard they did.

Tanuki had an amazeballs annual check up yesterday!! Heart murmur undetectable!  I think I now feel a little more comfortable pushing her walks a little harder, and maybe trying short distance jogging with the little monster again.  It would make life easier when Tanuki gets it into her head that eating grass half the walk and then barfing is a super awesome idea. I usually make her walk right beside me on a short leash when she just won’t cut it out. I also talk to her like a child and say things like “If you’re going to be a pain in the ass, you’ve earned the short leash”. I think she gets it.  The dog is an angel at a jogging pace… Unless she loses her shit because everything is super awesome at that moment and she wants to haul ass in the joy of it all.  She starts to bunny hop fast these days, but she’s still full of crazy. I freaking love my dog. She’s the best.

Third glass in… I went for another bicycle ride last night. It was amazing, but holy mosquitoes Batman!! I forgot the bug spray too.  Peeing off a mosquito infested trail is sheer hell. I got swarmed in seconds and even my butt got bit. This was the Kissing Bridge Trail from Guelph to West Montrose.  There was a pond with all this crazy stuff with it, like high diving platforms and a ladder with a swing rope attached to it. I wanted to take a photo so bad, but there were youngsters there and that might have been creepy lol. We went after six in the evening so I was expecting bugs… But not like that.  Even though it was crazy buggy, we still stopped for a couple glasses of wine and some snacks. We did that right beside the road to avoid the bugs and neither of us got bit there.  Success!!

We stopped at Casey’s on Victoria St on the way home for cosmos and appetizers. Our waitress Terry, was awesome.  You know how you meet a random stranger and just instantly like them? That was Terry, and that probably wasn’t even the two glasses of wine and two cosmos talking (I’m bad ass).

Unfortunately my veganism takes the backseat to vegetarianism at a lot of restaurants. I am trying to work my way through that. I am trying hard to go full fledged vegan, but I mess up a lot eating out. I did find out a lot of the classic Tim Horton’s bagels are vegan and that is so awesome.  Maybe I can pull through if I just do a little more research on the local restaurants.  Any vegan Kitchenerites with sound advice?

My bath water is getting cold, so I will say be well, and I love you man!! (three glasses of wine remember)…

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Le Picnic Basket


I’ve just discovered a new love… picnicking!  I picked up a bicycle off Kijiji a couple weeks ago and went for my first bike ride since I was a teenager (I wrote about the bike trip on my other blog (  I stuffed everything I possibly could into the front basket and it DID hold a lot (most importantly a wine bottle, corker and wine glass).  The picnic was so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again.  I wanted something that could handle a bigger picnic and something for more than two people if needed.  I started thinking of old fashioned wicker picnic baskets.  You don’t really see very much of them anymore.  They are pretty expensive and mostly only available in the USA which would mean extra shipping and duty charges which can add up to a LOT.  The baskets were all over $100 and some of them going up to $399.99.  I knew I could do better and checked out kijiji, our local classified ads.  I got this little number for a whopping $25!!!  It came with mugs, and melamine cutlery, but I switched those out for wine glasses and steel cutlery from Dollarama :D .  Now that I have this amazing basket, I can’t wait until the next bike ride/picnic.

I still haven’t named my bike yet…

Here’s my haul of Dollarama stuff for the picnic basket… and snacks.

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New Blog

Hello everyone.  I am slowly moving my blog over to a new site.  If you are interested in checking the new one out here is the link.  I will still post on this one too, but this new one is my main one:

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I Need Fad Diets Anonymous!

Here’s a video of Tanuki doing her cute little doggy things on a typical doggy walk.  She starts to get too warm and a little tired near the end and she likes to roll in the grass to cool down and take a rest.  Does anybody elses dog try to eat plants for most of the walk?  Tanuki is either peeing on something or trying to eat things for most of the way.

Anyway, wasn’t it just a day ago I swore off fad diets?  Guess what…  I want to try another one.  I blame my BFF for this one.  She knows I have an addiction to fad diets and I hadn’t even heard of this one.  It’s called the 22 Days Vegan Challenge.  Maybe it’s not exactly a diet, but more of a vegan meal plan?  Anyway,  I need to do it (of course).  I’m going to give you the link:

It looks pretty good and has a little of everything (including dessert!).  I can’t believe I’m doing another diet fad.  Like CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!  Every time I swear it’s the last time.  Like a day ago, when I swore then that was the last time.  What is wrong with me?!?  You would think I would have learned after the last one.  So it appears I have not (obviously) and I am probably going to give this a shot on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  I will give you an update and in the mean time if there is a support group that you know of for people addicted to dieting… pass that info along lol.

Be well!


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Baby Bunnies, Mushrooms, and Fad Diets


It finally happened!  Shiitaki log sprung a mushroom!  Now the sad thing is, I was so excited I kept waiting to eat it.  When I finally went to chow down, it was as hard as wood and completely inedible.  I am going to have to wait for another one to come up.  No more messing around next time, I’m going to eat that mushroom!


Check out the adorable site I saw on the way to work this morning!  This baby was just hanging out on someone’s lawn and eating whatever it is bunnies eat.  He seems too young to be out by himself, but then again I don’t know a whole lot about bunnies besides they are freaking cute.

So again, I have sworn to never go on another fad diet or diet program.  My previous dieting attempt caused me to gain 5lbs.  The goal is to eat whole foods and maybe cut back a little on the alcohol, which just reminded me I need to get a batch of beer racked into the secondary fermenter…  Yikes..  I better do that tomorrow!  Anyway it’s getting late, so I will wish you all pleasant dreams!  Night night!

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Figgy And Doggy


Today was so gorgeous!  My plan was to get some of my garden planted (done) and the laundry (so not done).  I guess I still could do the laundry… but I’m not going to :D .


I made spring rolls for dinner and I am horrifically over full.  I really need to learn  and practice mindful eating (especially after complaining about gaining a couple pounds).  I think I have a book on that…  I should get it out and read it.  Is anyone else addicted to self help books?  I don’t even think I’ve had any work for me and yet here I am buying them all the time.  Is there a self help book about buying self help books?


Remember Figgy?  Here is a side by side of Figgy about a year later.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but Figgy has doubled in size.  I’m going to have to snip off the top and try to get it to grow outwards.  It’s going to be taller than I am soon.  Can you bonsai a fig tree?  Four more years and I can get figs lol.

Stay well folks and don’t over stuff yourselves!


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Sunshine and Weight Gain


It was such a beautiful day here in Kitchener today!  Me and Tanuki got some much needed sunshine today and it was so warm and beautiful!  I am not sure how much my puppy likes these gorgeous warm days.  Every time we get a nice one (around 20) she has to stop and rest in the shade for a little bit.  I am going to have to start bringing a bottle of water with me again.  My little, high maintenance angel doesn’t do plastic bottles and I have to carry a glass one which is super awkward and heavy.  Thanks buddy.

I have done a loose representation of the Starch Diet from what I read on the website.  I have put a hold on the book at my local library and looking forward to reading it (but I am very skeptical of it working).  I have put on two pounds, but have cheated and since I haven’t read the book I can’t say I gave it a fair shot.  I have also pigged out on it too (I can be a binge eater sometimes).  I’m going to reign in my portion sizes and once I get the book, if it works I will buy a copy.  I want to go for another jog again tomorrow night and I still attend my exercise classes twice a week.  I want to add a weight lifting session in at home on my own time as well.  I think working out four times a week would be acceptable.  It would be more than what I was doing now.  Anyway, I am super sleepy and it’s late so I will wish you all sweet dreams.

Night night


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Red Crocuses and Another Fad Diet


Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day and the dog and I went to one of my favourite tea shops “All Things Tea” in Belmont Village.  On the way I saw these gorgeous flowers growing on someone’s lawn.  I think they are crocuses, but I have never seen red ones before.  I snapped a picture and we carried on our way to the tea shop.


I picked up a black vanilla chai tea, I don’t think I have tried yet and a couple rooibos teas to mail out to my mom.  I prefer black or green tea over a rooibos myself.   My favourite one there is called something like Persian Spica Bazaar.  It’s amazing and smells heavenly.  I have also gotten back into kombucha again and almost finished drinking the first batch.  I added fresh juiced clementine into the mix and it was amazing.

So I’m slightly embarrassed to say I’ve started yet another of many fad diets.  I keep swearing it’s the last one, but then another one comes along that peaks my interest.  If this one doesn’t work out, I don’t think there are anymore that I haven’t tried.  It just might be the last for real this time.  It is called The Starch Solution and I can’t really say I’m doing it, as I just kind of loosely based it off the 10 day free meal plan online they have (  I have half assed stuck to it for about 10ish days, but I have gone out to eat with friends a couple times in those days and that definitely didn’t follow the diet.  The benefit so far is my grocery bills are insanely cheap (not from starving or anything, just because the main foods are grains and potatoes).  I haven’t really gained or lost anything yet and so far I feel okay (usually I feel tired and weak doing a fad diet).  I even managed to get out jogging for the first time in a few months (I just looked it up, it was January 2nd).  I did my usual route and I am embarrassed to say I ended up dry heaving for about five minutes after it was over.  I guess you can’t take 3 1/2 months off and expect it to be wonderful.  No more slacking off.  I want to wear a bathing suit that doesn’t look like a tent dress.  I think even my grandmother would have found this one modest.  Yep, that it not a dress, it’s an actual swim suit.

river dog and mom

I managed to make it through another exercise class despite screaming calves.  Maybe this will be the year I get into a bikini!  Maybe!  Wish me luck!  If you have tried The Starch Solution let me know how your experience with it was.  I love love love love not counting calories.  I can tell you Weight Watchers works amazing, but I just can’t bring myself to count those points.  It got tedious and I had gained the weight back.  Maybe with bathing suit season looming in the near future I will finally get my act together!

Stay well!


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