Taming The Jungle


So, I have polished off half a bottle of The Vegan Bootlegger’s Chardonnay and I am feeling a little tipsy, yet still able to type (not so much, but spell check is really helping out here).  So I thought I would share my experience with hair removal on the nether regions.  I went out shopping today and came home with one of those shavers that acts like a monster set of electric tweezers (30 to be exact), rotating at adjustable speeds.  This shaver cost me $40 and since I never buy electric shavers, I couldn’t tell you if that was a deal or not.  Did it work…. yes it did.  This was the cheapest one and yea, it worked well.  I had a shaver like this as a teenager and what it does is acts like a set of tweezers that spins around at varying speeds and rips the hair right out.  I don’t remember the brand I had before, but both of them worked like they were supposed to.  It was bloody folks.  The head of the shaver was bloody, I was bloody, yet, it didn’t hurt as bad as I was worried it would.   I remember the same thing happening when I was a teenager, but also remember that after using it three times, the hair is finer, there is no blood and it doesn’t hurt as much.  Perhaps I should have enjoyed the wine pre-shaving, but that sounds like potential for disaster.  Did it hurt, yea, but not so bad, I went slowly and it went faster than I thought.  I needed a few breaks and spent some time with Nick Offerman’s book Rules For Being A Man (while shaving my snootch oddly enough) until I was ready to go another round with Conair’s Diva.  I’m pretty sure 3 times is the charm here folks, but I made it through.  I tamed the jungle (crack and all), bombed enough to risk stingy shower water and feeling pretty proud of myself and my newly groomed snootchy (I left some as not so much into that prepubescent look).

On a side note, is it just me or are there others who think Kieth Mars (character on the TV show Veronica Mars) is a total dream boat?  The man does it for me.  AND I MEAN DOES IT FOR ME!!!

I wonder if I will regret this post one I wake up in the morning…  As of right now…  I just don’t give a care…

p.s How does one tag a drunken snootch post?

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Still In Agony, My Dog is Fat Again, But There is Wine

I weighed my newly lean puppy today.  She has gained some pounds back.  She has lost a bunch with resuming regular exercise and was losing too fast, so to compensate I think I ended up over feeding her.  Seems we are in the yo-yo adjustment stage.

I did something stupid today.  I forgot I had taken out my wallet out of my bag and left it on the counter at home.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember until I was checking out at the grocery store.  I had walked there in a stiff, sore, awkward walk as I’m still dying from the squat challenge video I did on Monday.  I ended up waddling home, grabbing my wallet and trying again lol.  I ended up picking up some roasted, salted seaweed snacks.  I freakin LOVE those things!  Doesn’t matter what brand either!  They are so delicious!


The packaging is horribly wasteful I’m afraid. I am going to have to learn to make my own.  I can’t imagine it being too difficult.  Brush nori sheets with oil, salt and then roast I bet.  I adore nori!  I will have to make some more avocado and sprout sushi.  Does anyone have a good sauce they like to dip their sushi in?  I have only ever eaten the plain rolls.  I made sushi with quinoa before and it was pretty good but didn’t stay together as well.  The raw foodist parsnip sushi I made in the past was kind of nasty lol.  For dinner tonight I am going to make some vermicelli, tofu spring rolls, but am currently lacking the energy.  Right now I am thoroughly enjoying a much deserved glass of red wine.  The Vegan Bootlegger’s Bloodless Bloody Merlot in fact ;)

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Rain, Bank, Bizarre Palm Plants and Squat Challenge Videos




It’s been raining off and on pretty heavy in the Kitchener/Waterloo area for a couple days now.  There was a break in the weather right on time to try Tanuki on a longer walk.  She made it 6.67km today.  I took her with me to the bank and on the way home it started to pour rain so we stopped at Froyo for hoards of dairy and sugar (even I caved to this and we ended up splitting it) until the rain stopped again.  She was waddling a lot the other day, but today she did great and the waddle didn’t show up very much at all.

Along the way we walked passed this amusing sign outside a store in Waterloo on King St:


I’m willing to take the risk….

There is a large plant where Union and Rusholme come together.  It looks like something you would see in the tropics.  I don’t know how it survives the Winters here, but I hope it continues to as I love it and it’s different.  I should bring a daiquiri and watermelon and sit under it on a hot day!



So last night I did Fitness Blender’s Squat Challenge and holy crap am I ever feeling that today!  Evey time I want to sit down I have to lean back, grab the chair in my hands and lower myself down.  I’m a little scared about how tomorrow is going to be!  My colleagues had to hear about it every half hour or so all day long as well.  It was like it was a major annual event lol.  But I guess in a way it was… because that’s about how often I work out.  I am pretty proud I did the video.  And I DID THE VIDEO… all of it!  My usual fitness video strategy is so sit through most of it and watch it that way while eating snacks and occasionally getting up and participating.  This could possibly be why I am having trouble sitting down today…  Here’s to working out on a regular basis! And doing the video!  THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!

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A New Friend


Having a spot of tea with my new friend.

A new arrival came in the mail!  If you are familiar with the movie “The Labyrinth”, one of my favourite movies of all time, then you will know who this little guy is and why we are having tea together on a disgustingly hot day (hence, the sweaty bitch face).

DSC00681 DSC00680

The worm came from Amazon.ca and came in under a week.  Shipping was free, but it did cost $34.99 after taxes.  Buying a stuffed animal does not fit into my whole minimalist approach to life, but I couldn’t resist the little guy.


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Local Foraging

It is soooo hot again today!  All I really feel like doing is laying down with a book (and wow am I ever craving mint oreo icecream!).  Tanuki remembered the water fountain from yesterday well.  She cried when we walked passed it on the other side of the street.  I am not immune to puppy cries and caved again and let her jump in.  She didn’t want to get out.  Even being soaked from head to toe the dog was tired and wanted to lay down a lot near the end of our walk (she was pretty much dry at this point).


Too hot out!


Time for a rest

Along the way home I always pass a mulberry tree.


They were ready to pick. After taking Tanuki home I came back with a big bowl and went at it.  I don’t think many people know what kind of tree it was and I got a lot of curious looks.  I hope they never figure it out lol.  I like having this tree to myself!  One woman stopped by and grabbed a handful on her way by.  I hope she doesn’t let the secret out!  I picked a mother load of mulberries!

DSC00672 DSC00673

They are beautiful and delicious!


I am going to just eat most of them, but dehydrate a bunch and make chocolate with some too I think.  I’m not sure what else…  Any ideas?

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Double Batch Of Wine Bottled And Labeled


It was WAYYYY too hot today!  I didn’t feel like doing much and I didn’t accomplish a thing today besides finishing a book.  I did manage to get my latest batch of wine labeled and put back on the rack.  I will probably never do a double batch at once again.  There is a whole case of wine that I can’t fit on the rack.  I must admit a full wine rack looks pretty good though!  I had some fun labels made up again:


They will be ready around October so I made one of them Halloweeny.  The Merlot came in at a respectable 14.4% and the Riesling a whopping 15.22% without any addition of a sugar.  They pack a punch!  I took those photos myself.  The spider (I nicknamed Land Kraken) was caught in a mason jar in my bedroom.  It was crawling over my bed EEP!  It was loosed in Kitchener so beware fellow Kitchenerites!  The Riesling photo was taken while visiting my folks.  As you can tell by some of my recent pics, my wine fast is over.


The sad/great news is that I did lose a few pounds.  I’ve also discovered I could do portion control and have been, even without the help of Weight Watchers.  I am hoping that is the case and it wasn’t the month long wine fast that dropped those pounds.  Being a recovering compulsive over eater and food addict, this is really quite the feat.  This lunch probably doesn’t look all that appetizing, but it wasn’t bad.  I cooked some chickpeas, a frozen bag of broccoli, frozen bag of mixed greens, mushrooms, onion, sun dried tomatoes, a jar of pasta sauce, a can of tomatoes and some basil, then I cooked and added a box of quinoa and kamut pasta.  I blended half the vegetables and chickpeas in a blender and added it back in.  It probably would have looked way better if I left it the way it was lol.


The little one was quite excited to see this fountain on our walk as you can see by how hard she is pulling on the leash here.  I caved and let her play in it.


She didn’t want to get out but wouldn’t stop drinking the water and who knows what could be in there so she had to get out.  I think she enjoyed her little doggy self!

I hope you all have a great long weekend and stay cool folks!  It’s a hot one!

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The “Better” Burger


I am actively working on weight loss again and one of the tips and tricks I’ve heard about is to replace your burger bun with a portabello mushroom.  Unfortunately, you have to use it raw or it will be a slimy, soggy mess.  It does break apart and make a mess still when it’s raw so I eat it over the sink.  I have been a little lazy lately and the burger in this photo is Sol Cuisine’s Spicy Red Bean burger patty instead of one of my own.  My fav is the sweet potato one.  You can use any burger patty you want and any toppings you want, but keep in mind, it’s very messy.  I made mine with 1/2 a mashed avocado, slice of tomato, baby spinach, two pickle slices, spicy tamarind sauce, mustard and ketchup.  It’s not as tasty as a bun, but it’s good enough.  If it’s a big portabello mushroom cap I just cut it in half like the one in the pic or I’ll use two baby portabello caps if they have them at the grocery store.  Sprouts are also a great addition, but I forgot to buy some today.

On another topic, the little bambina is still doing great.  She walked almost 6km today!  Here she is posing on the stairs:


She did get tired near the end and flopped in some grass and refused to budge until she was good and ready


The little trooper got up after a minute or so and we finished our walk home.


Tanuki’s “sane” face.  Looks like a really comfortable spot to lay down!

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Feeling Crafty


I spotted this maple leaf punch at the dollar store for a couple bucks the other day and being in a crafty snail mail minded mood, I picked it up.  I’m really glad I did as it made a cute addition to my letters


They come out in little pieces that you have to glue together.  All I had was liquid white glue and it was a tad messy (a glue stick would have been way better, but being a blissfully  child free home I don’t have things like that).  I think it dried up without much notice though and I thought it made the envelope look pretty cute and Canadian.

DSC00616 I didn’t realize that $2-$4 was such a great deal until I saw the exact same punches in another store for $30 something!  Good old Dollarama lol.  I do love that store.

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My Vibrams Are Saved!


Again Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin has come to my rescue!  My Vibrams were chewing up my left toe and it was too painful to jog with them anymore.  I could walk in them no problem, but at the end of my run I was always super sore from what the shoe did to my toe.  You can see I had previously put Moleskin on the heels.  The Seeya’s are my favourite but I had a problem with the seam chaffing on every pair I owned of these shoes.  I only have to put it on once and it stuck on there with no problems at all no matter how often I wore them.  I wrapped my left toe in the Moleskin and it was a cushy comfortable run.  No problems at all!  Now I just have to figure out how to get the Moleskin in the toe of shoe without it wrinkling (I tried a million times and just went through a half pack of Moleskin with 0 success).  I need to borrow someone with teeny tiny hands who is willing to put their hands into a pair of my funky running shoes lol.  Any volunteers?

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Happy Friday!


Hey! Those are my shoes!

Happy Friday folks!  I hope everyone is now beginning their well deserved weekends. I think I am going to be giving my Vibrams a second chance by putting a patch of Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin into the section that’s ripping my toe apart.  I love these shoes and I am hoping this works.  Now if Tanuki would just give me back my shoes….  If not, Adventure Guide at The Boardwalk in Waterloo sells barefoot running shoes that don’t have the “toe” parts.

So I was tempted to buy and expensive coffee/cappuccino/latte maker that I saw online.  I am trying to transition into a more minimalist lifestyle.  Do you know how many times a year I drink coffee?  About 4.  How many times I drink a tea latte?  Again, about 4.  How many coffee/tea kitchen gadgets have I owned in the past?  A french press, tea kettle and a hot/cold water dispenser.  Do I have any of those gadgets now?  No.  I just put a pot of water on the stove, boil it and then pour it into a tea glass with infuser.  I still have my Bialetti milk frother and a coffee grinder if I ever get the craving for one of these frothy drinks.  I am going to give the cold brewed coffee method a try.  I have never tried it before but people on the internet seem to love it.  This is the perfect example of wanting what you don’t need (especially when you already had all the stuff to make it with in the first place).  I am so guilty of this and mostly with kitchen gadgets.  I am happy I am finally learning how to talk myself out of buying this unneeded “stuff”.  Another popular appliance I have been living without for about two years now is the microwave.  I have no regrets about getting rid of that either.  What appliances have you removed from your kitchens and how do you cope without them?

Thank you all who send letters in.  I LOVE getting mail from you and I was so happy to see some letters for Tanuki.  That was sweet and thoughtful of you.  She seemed to like it.

Enjoy your weekend!

From Amber and Tanuki.

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